Diversity University- Virtual Campus Announces FREE OPEN HOUSE!

Jeanne@DiversityUniversityMOO [#2] (du@du.org)
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 10:54:15 -0500

Please forward to all appropriate listserves, newsgroups, schools and
organizations. Diversity University is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
Educational Organization.

September 25-27 (US days)

Have you ever wanted to know more about teaching online? How about
teaching using a MOO, especially a WEB/MOO environment, or providing
Distance Education on the internet? This is your chance to DO IT
and with lots of FREE help. DU wizards, managers and teachers will
be on hand for two full days to help you get logged on, learn the
commands, talk about teaching on a MOO, and give demos of their or
their students' projects.

Diversity University has been providing FREE virtual facilities for
physical classes for nearly four years. We have hosted hundreds of
sessions for schools and individuals offering classes online. DU
has hosted online conferences for ICDE (International Council on
Distance Education), a one-day NASA teachers' conference, as well
as hundreds of workshops, demonstrations and tours.

The creators of some of DU's best projects will be online to answer
questions about what they did, how they did it - and why they chose
DU as the place. Come join us!

To find out more about DU and how to log in, as well as about MOOs in
general, go to our web site at http://www.du.org

For information on GETTING A TEMPORARY ID and about logging on to
Diversity University MOO, see our QUICK START page off our main web
page. If you do not have web access but do have telnet access, you
may send email to:

Jeanne@du.org or ctallis@primenet.com for more information.

At the request of our Australian component, we will be starting the
Open House Thursday Night, Sept. 25th at 9:00PM Eastern Time. This
will allow them attend during their Friday. Thus, times are:

START: 25 Sep 97, 09:00PM Eastern 26 Sep 97, 11:00AM Australia/NSW
25 Sep 97, 03:00AM Hawaii 25 Sep 97, 06:00PM Pacific

END: 27 Sep 97, 12:00PM Eastern 28 Sep 97, 03:00PM Australia/NSW
27 Sep 97, 07:00PM Hawaii 27 Sep 97, 10:00PM Pacific Time

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