"Winds of Change - Women and the Culture of Universities" conference

Michelle Swift (Michelle.Swift@uts.edu.au)
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 12:11:47 +1000

I am from Sydney Australia and I am trying to publicise "Winds of Change -
Women and the Culture of Universities" conference which is happening at the
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) next 13 - 15 July 1998. It is an
international conference and we are trying to get as many women to attend as
possible. While I am specificially targetting student input, all expressions
of interest are welcome. Call for Contributions closes October 31 1997.

Some of the areas are :

Organisational culture and women - perspectives from around the World.

Women and University Governance

Women only strucutres and Institutions.

"Success stories"

Equity in the New Millennium

Unheard Voices : Marginlaistion, Exclusion and Empowerment

Indigenous Women's Perspectives : Global Issues, Local Realities

Sex and Sexuality

Feminism on Campus : Contemporary Issues and Debates

Studying Women : Gender, Knowledge, Curriculum, Feminist Pedagogy

Women and Research

Issues in Traditional and Non-Traditional Areas of Women's Participation

New Technologies in Higher Education

Defining "Women" Identity, Subjectivity and Difference

In addition, the Network of Women Students of Australia (NOWSA) will be held
in Sydney at a similar time. Interested women could do both conferences...

I would appreciate it if you could distribute this as widely as possible, or
alternatively, inform me as to the best method of distribution in your
organisation or area.

For a look at the conference website check out :


See you in Sydney???

Michelle Swift

Michelle Swift



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