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I recommend the collection of essays "Healing Racism: Education's Role
(Nathan Rutstein and Michale Morgan, editors, published by Whitcomb,
1996), particularly the essay by Donald Streets titled "Prejudice-free
Schools: A Vision of the Future" which addresses your question of the
difference diversity makes in schools. Your topic is critical and
interesting. Good luck. I hope you write to the list when you've
completed your project and tell us your most interesting findings.

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16, 1997
To anyone willing to help,

Hello! I'm a senior at Avon High School conducting an independent
research project concerning diversity in the public school systems. In light
of the recent Connecticut lawsuits, Sheff vs. O'Neill and Horton vs. Meskill,
it's been discussed that perhaps our schools are racially and ethnically
imbalenced. The problem is not limited to just Connecticut; many other states
have had similiar lawsuits recently.
My question is: "Does racial and ethnic islation in public schools
really adversely affect the quality of middle or high school education?"
Please share any opinions, thoughts, facts and related information with
me. I'd be grateful for any suggestions about where and who to go for further
details. Thank you so much for your time, your response will greatly aid in
my research!


Nina Schichor

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