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I'm sure others will help you with research concerning adverse impacts of
homogeneity. I can speak to you as a mother of four adult children
(between 30-40) who continue to thank me for keeping them in public schools
during very turbulent times. They tell me how their lives have been
immeasurably enriched by learning to become peers, equals and friends with
people who were very different from themselves and that those experiences
have enabled them to work successfully in their jobs and to become good
managers in technical fields, the medical profession, manufacturing and the
public sector. Those are skills that come from life experiences. No
teacher or parent can "give" them to children or students.

Hope this helps.

Carolyn C. Thorsen

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> September
>16, 1997
>To anyone willing to help,
> Hello! I'm a senior at Avon High School conducting an independent
>research project concerning diversity in the public school systems. In light
>of the recent Connecticut lawsuits, Sheff vs. O'Neill and Horton vs. Meskill,
>it's been discussed that perhaps our schools are racially and ethnically
>imbalenced. The problem is not limited to just Connecticut; many other states
>have had similiar lawsuits recently.
> My question is: "Does racial and ethnic islation in public schools
>really adversely affect the quality of middle or high school education?"
> Please share any opinions, thoughts, facts and related information with
>me. I'd be grateful for any suggestions about where and who to go for further
>details. Thank you so much for your time, your response will greatly aid in
>my research!
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