letter to the edequity list

Elina Lahelma (elahelma@bulsa.helsinki.fi)
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 15:06:43 EET DST

Dear edequity list members

I am working with Tuula Gordon, Janet Holland and other
colleagues on a project on 'Citizenship, difference and
marginality in schools: with special reference to gender', and
writing a book called Making Space: Citizenship and difference
in schools.
We are having trouble with the concepts of social justice and
equality. We have noticed the following shift: social justice' is
being used instead of equality'. We are interested in the
implications of this. How is social justice' defined? Have we
lost out by not using equality'? Is there anything wrong with
equality'? Any ideas?

With best regards
Elina Lahelma
Department of Education
PO Box 39, 00014 University of Helsinki

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