Questions on Gender Equity

Elizabeth Bowen (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 16:51:12 -0400

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Bowen and I am interested in obtaining
information pertaining to gender equity. Specifically I am hoping to learn
about the following:

1) What are the best conferences on gender equity taking place over
the next 6 months and how would an interested individual go about
registering for them?

2) What are good text books used in elementary and middle schools
that not only teach the basic subjects to our children but also provide this
information in a way that tries to insure learning is gender-equitable?
Are there specific publishers or authors that work in this area? Are
more of these textbooks making it into our children's schools?

3) Where are the best graduate schools that have high quality
education schools/programs that emphasize or do substantial research
on gender equity?

If anyone has any useful information to share on any of these
matters it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Elizabeth Bowen

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