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Elizabeth, you may be interested in the InGEAR (Integrating Gender Equity
and Reform) Tool Kit web site:

Carolyn Thorsen

At 04:51 PM 9/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
> Hi! My name is Elizabeth Bowen and I am interested in obtaining
>information pertaining to gender equity. Specifically I am hoping to learn
>about the following:
> 1) What are the best conferences on gender equity taking place over
>the next 6 months and how would an interested individual go about
>registering for them?
> 2) What are good text books used in elementary and middle schools
>that not only teach the basic subjects to our children but also provide this
>information in a way that tries to insure learning is gender-equitable?
>Are there specific publishers or authors that work in this area? Are
>more of these textbooks making it into our children's schools?
> 3) Where are the best graduate schools that have high quality
>education schools/programs that emphasize or do substantial research
>on gender equity?
> If anyone has any useful information to share on any of these
>matters it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
> Elizabeth Bowen
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