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Elizabeth-- I'm responding to your query about conferences on gender
equity,materials for the classroom, and graduate programs.
I'll start making suggestions, though I'm sure others will add information.

1. One of the best conferences on gender equity in education is the National
Coalition for Sex Equity in Education (NCSEE). Although the conference isn't
until July, this organization is a helpful network of highly experienced gender
equity specialists who are very willing to share information and resources w/
others. For more information on the organization, contact Teddy Martin at 908-

The regional desegregation assistance centers or other federally funded centers
may have conferences...if you check our website (
womensequity) you'll find a list of the DACs and you can locate the one that
serves your region.

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) has a special interest
group on women, and AERA (April) has a number of good sessions on gender equity.

2. If you send us your address, we'll send you our catalog of WEEA materials
for the classroom. We have many items for elementary and middle schools. One
new release is Women's Journeys, Women's Stories, a multicutural history for
middle school. Another soon to be released book is a K-12 curriculum on Title IX
that will help classroom teachers and community-based programs introduce gender
equity to boys and girls through a series of engaging activities and ideas for
action. This will come with a neat poster promoting gender equity. The catalog
is also accessible on our web site.

National Women's History Project has a wealth of information and materials as
well. You can contact them at 707/838-6000. Their web is

Educational Equity Concepts in New York also has a number of good products/
programs for the classroom. Contact them at 212/725-1803

I know a number of the major publishers are now also doing curriculum and
materials for a gender fair classroom. You might check Houghton-Mifflin and
McGraw Hill. Our web site also has links to lots of organizations that have
materials, so you might want to browse through that. Your query seems to suggest
that we might want to add a comprehensive, easy to use source list to our web
site...if people want to send me any suggestions for such a list, I'll begin to
post them.

I too would like to know where the good schools of education are with strong
gender equity/multicultural focus. Again, if folks are willing to share
suggestions, we can post them on the website, along with links to those colleges
and universities.
Good luck,
Katherine Hanson, director
WEEA Equity Resource Center
55 Chapel St.
Newton, MA
Subject: Questions on Gender Equity
From: at Internet
Date: 9/30/1997 4:51 PM

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Bowen and I am interested in obtaining
information pertaining to gender equity. Specifically I am hoping to learn
about the following:

1) What are the best conferences on gender equity taking place over
the next 6 months and how would an interested individual go about
registering for them?

2) What are good text books used in elementary and middle schools
that not only teach the basic subjects to our children but also provide this
information in a way that tries to insure learning is gender-equitable?
Are there specific publishers or authors that work in this area? Are
more of these textbooks making it into our children's schools?

3) Where are the best graduate schools that have high quality
education schools/programs that emphasize or do substantial research
on gender equity?

If anyone has any useful information to share on any of these
matters it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Elizabeth Bowen

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