Policy Implications Of The B.U. Court Decision

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Executive Summary
Informational Site Found At:

Discussions of the recent Boston University case have appeared in numerous
publications (The Chronicle Of Higher Education, The Wall Street Journal,
etc.) and have drawn widely differing and at times antithetical
conclusions. The resulting advice on how to maintain the balance between
your institution's right to maintain its essential academic standards while
ensuring the civil rights of individuals with disabilities to an equal
opportunity to participate in your programs has been equally contradictory.
This web site, http://iris.dissvcs.uga.edu/~web/Boston, is an attempt to cut
through the rhetoric and posturing in order to provide decision makers with
both the facts and an opportunity to form their own conclusions. As
professionals, we are committed to balancing the rights and responsibilities
of both institutions and individuals. In an effort to present a balanced,
if not neutral analysis,
we have included the full text of the court decision and a bibliography
(with links to the full text when available) containing articles from widely
differing perspectives as well as our central analysis. The central
analysis summarizes the facts of the case by highlighting the specific
complaints and findings of the court. The analysis continues with an
evaluation of these findings in
the context of current practice and legal precedents. The analysis concludes
with a discussion of the two central policy implications: acceptable
documentation and the validity of course substitutions as accommodations.

It is our hope that policy change and development will be a reasoned
response based on reflection; not a reflexive response based on rhetoric.

In this site you will find:

* A review of the decision highlighting the principle findings and their
implications. (See "Main Document")

* The full text of Judge Saris' decision.

* The findings of fact and conclusions of law.

* Implications for higher education policy.

* Guidance on documentation policy.

* Other articles and references regarding the Boston University Lawsuit

FOR FULL INFORMATION GO TO: http://iris.dissvcs.uga.edu/~web/Boston

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