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Marylin A. Hulme (hulme@rci.rutgers.edu)
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 10:27:37 -0400

>i am forwarding this information about women, ink., as another resource
>for gender issues. this publisher has a very woide range, including some
items on gender and education.
marylin a. hulme.

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>Subject: [B95: ] Women, Ink. supplement
>Please find below information about the new Women, Ink. supplement. I
>would be very grateful if you could give this announcement as wide an
>audience as possible.
>Women, Ink. - the world's largest distributor of gender and
>development resources - has just brought out a new supplement, adding
>24 titles to its collection. The books cover a range of topics, from
>African feminism to trafficking in women to participatory video.
>There are reference books, readers, essays on culture and practical
>workbooks. A new category - women and the internet - features two
>guides to the world wide web specifically aimed at women. There are
>also two new titles in Spanish.
>To receive a copy of the supplement, send an e-mail to
>wink@igc.apc.org or call Tina Johnson at 212-687-8633 ext. 212.
>With thanks and best wishes,
>Ms. Tina Johnson
>Assistant Manager
>Women, Ink.
>777 UN Plaza
>NY, NY 10017
>tel: (212) 687-8633 x212
>fax: (212) 661-2704
>WEB SITE: http://www.womenink.org

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