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I would agree to a certain extent. On the other hand, you certainly
get nice baseline data as to their awareness of their own bias to
compare to a post-survey following professional development.

Marty Henry

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Subject: bias in the classroom
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Date: 10/16/97 7:20 AM
Subject: Re: gender equity (fwd)

The best I've read and seen of analyses of gender bias in the classroom is the
work of the Sadkers (Myra and David). Not only their writings, but also a
videotaped study they did of actual classroom situations led by teachers who
told the Sadkers prior to filming that they would be wasting their time because
they wouldn't find any bias in those classrooms. Of course they found wopping
examples. Given this, I think your survey idea won't work because apparently
people aren't quite fully aware of their classroom performance.

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Subject: gender equity (fwd)
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Date: 10/8/97 11:04 AM

Hi, folks

Can anyone take a minute to offer some suggestions to this person? I'm
moving this week and don't have an extra minute to spare!



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Subject: gender equity

I am a graduate student in the field of education. I will be giving a
presentation to a graduate level classroom of teachers on gender bias. My
goal is to help make them aware of the existence of gender bias in their
classrooms, and to outline ways for them to avoid behaviors that strenghten
it. I would like to conduct a survey with the class or some other form of
a personalized learning experience to help to bring these points across.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thank You In Advance,

Marlaina Mitchell

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