Re: equity issues in two-year college technology programs

Shawn MacDonald (smacdona@NTCC1.NT.CC.MN.US)
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:30:23 CST

> I am hoping to connect with others who are working on increasing the
> enrollment and retention of underrepresented groups in two-year
> college technology/trade/engineering programs. Most of the resources
> I've found pertain to four-year and graduate engineering/science programs
> only. I'd like to discuss climate issues, strategies for change, etc
> with others.


I'm working in the same field and have the same frustration. The
greatest benefit I have is a great staff to work with which keeps our
climate healthy. Our instructors do work at equity and they are on
top of hostile climate issues in the classrooms and shops quickly.

Our greatest challenge here is cultural acceptance. NW Minnesota is
still very traditional. Women are still listed by their husband's
first names in the papers, and many farm women do most of their work
directly supporting the home and farm...they do alot of farming but
it still looks like the traditional, staying home with the kids role.
As a result, I have many women who really don't want to break out of
that mold.

Shawn MacDonald, Director of the Women's Center, Equity Coordinator
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