Re: equity issues in two-year college technology programs

Ann Sigrid Nihlen (
Sun, 2 Nov 1997 17:21:46 -0700 (MST)

I have been working for the last three years with the local community
college on a project to 1) understand who flunks Developmental Ed courses
and 2) why. What we have learned concerns how underrepresented groups make
it or don't make it in junior colleges, and how we can and must begin to
change the statistics.
We discovered that minority men and women failed, dropped out, left
for awhile, etc. at a much higher rate than whites, even when social class
seemed fairly equal.
The Developmental Ed division is now working on curriculum and teacher
training to change these facts.

Ann Nihlen

> > I am hoping to connect with others who are working on increasing the
> > enrollment and retention of underrepresented groups in two-year
> > college technology/trade/engineering programs. Most of the resources
> > I've found pertain to four-year and graduate engineering/science programs
> > only. I'd like to discuss climate issues, strategies for change, etc
> > with others.--Marta

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