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Subject: New Book on Women in Engr./Sci.; MIT connections
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The following announcement came to me via an MIT office.


>Subject: New Book on Women in Engr./Sci.; MIT connections
>An interesting new book that seems to be getting a lot of attention in
>various circles. Orders can be placed through the COOP.
>Title: Journeys of Women in Science and Engineering: No Universal Constants
>Authors: Susan A. Ambrose, Kristin L. Dunkle, Barbara B. Lazarus, Indira Nair,
> and Deborah A. Harkus.
>Publisher: Temple University Press
>Profile of 88 women in an array of science and engineering disciplines.
>Each profile written in the 1st person. Some superstars, but many less
>well known: a demonstration that science/engineering careers are attainable
>by women of every station. The women all talk about what spurred them on
>and how they got to, and remain passionate about, where they are and what
>they're doing. A great resource book for any program/effort aimed at
>increasing the number of women in science and engineering.
>** 10 of the 88 women (11%) have one or more MIT degrees.
> 6 (7%) SB
> 3 (3%) MS
> 7 (8%) Ph.D.
> 5 (6%) with 2 MIT degrees
>In addition to mentioning MIT programs or organizations that helped them,
>several of the women with MIT degrees name current or former MIT people who
>influenced them, either positively or negatively, while they were here
>(love the "mosquito bite problem" that is credited to Mary Rowe).
>** 11 of the women are African American. They are all profiled again in
>the Autumn 1997 issue of Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. Nationally
>known among them are Joycelyn Elders and Shirley Jackson.
>** At least 4 are/have been members of the MIT faculty or the Corporation:
> Mildred Dresselhaus
> Shirley Jackson
> Gretchen Kalonji
> Sheila Widnall

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