Re:National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 09:27:52 -0500 (EST)

FROM: Terra
At the Colorado Equity Summit on 10-23, David Sadker referred to an
organization called the National Coalition for Sex Equity Educators.
Apparently they provide some kind of certification for Gender
Equity specialists. Do any of you know of this organization or have
a phone number or contact information?

Thank you for any assistance in advance.

Terra Anderson 970-247-7665

FROM:US (David and Phyllis"post summit")

While it is not unusual that we will mention, describe and value NCSEE, I
don't suspect either of us stating that it offerred certification. I am cc.
ing this email to NCSEE colleagues, especially Darcy Lees (Chair) who will
follow up with information on the group. I certainly encourage you (and
everyone/anyone) to join!

Phyllis Lerner

contact: Teddy Martin, Business Manager, NCSEE
in NJ, 908-735-5045

<> for Darcy Lees who is the national chair of

<> newsletter editior and facilitator of steering committee

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