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KatherinH (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 11:17:41 -0500

Thanks Pam & Dee--this will be an important new resource for folks. We'll add
it to our hot links section so that visitors to the WEEA site can also reach
you. This is also a request to others who have equity related sites (or know of
sites) that we have not yet linked: please let Julia Potter, Managing Editor of
the WEEA Equity Resource Center ( know about your site--with a
short (1-2 sentence) description. Also, please visit our site and participate
in our interactive discussions/reviews/etc ( We'd
like to generate more activity on the site as a way to help visitors and
ourselves learn more about the evolving field of gender equity. We're now
receiving about 25 requests a day for technical assistance via the web site; in
many of these we refer the request to those of you in the field. If you receive
requests from folks that say we said to call you, could you let us know. Also if
there are other ways in which we can help support folks in the field, please let
us know. Thanks to all the hard working, knowledgeable gender equity
specialists out there who continuously work to transform education.

Katherine Hanson
PD, WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC
Subject: GrayMill (GESA) Website
From: at Internet
Date: 11/7/97 2:03 AM

I'd like to let you know GrayMill, the national distributor of the GESA
program and Equity Principal program has a new website. It's not
completely done, and nothing as fancy as WEEA's but we want people to
know about it. If there is anyway for you to help make that happen we
would appreciate it. Thanks, Pam Miller & Dolores (Dee) Grayson.
The address is

Pam Miller & Dolores (Dee) Grayson

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