RE: texas a&m bonfire controversy

Darcy Lees (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 16:17:29 -0800

Sounds like it would be appropriate to file a Title IX grievance at the
University/College and/or regional OCR office if they receive federal
funding. A court case may be a possibility.

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> Sent: Monday, November 10, 1997 9:36 PM
> Subject: texas a&m bonfire controversy
> my name is kim ngo, and i'm the treasurer of texas a&m university
> natl org for women.
> i was hoping that you could give tamu now some advice on how
> to proceed in this delicate situation.
> to bring you up to pace, texas a&m has been undergoing this
> ludicruous 'civil' war concering the annual bonfire that
> the aggies have each year.

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