Title VII suit successful!

Mary Thompson (alphaci@teleport.com)
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 16:47:54 -0800

Former Oregon State University women's softball coach Vickie Dugan was
victorious in federal court yesterday as a jury ruled that OSU had
discriminated against her because of gender, retaliated against her for
challenging OSU's employment practices, and violated the federal Equal Pay
Act. The eight member jury also agreed that former OSU Athletic Director
Dutch Baughman, who was Dugan's boss, deprived her of her right to equal
protection under the law and violated her right of free speech.

I sat in on some of the testamony and heard day-by-day descriptions from
others who were in attendance. Vickie and her sister were (and still are)
staying at my house. The integrity of Vickie and her attorneys was beyond
reproach. They were the plaintiffs in one of the most conservative courts
in our state. It was an uphill battle because of continual judicial rulings
that deprived the jury of essential facts.

The crowning moment of the trial came in the closing remarks from the
state's attorney who accused Vickie's witnesses of being bra-burning
feminists and who also called the two attorney's and Vickie members of a
Coven. In retrospect there were some mighty interesting accusations made by
the defense.. Through it all, Vickie and her attorneys kept their cool.

I'm so proud of them all and of a jury that took its trust seriously. Just
felt I should share with this news group.

Mary Thompson

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