Title IX

Sean Besser (besser@usc.edu)
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 21:38:01 -0800

Hello. My name is Sean Besser and I am a law student at the University
of Southern California. I am doing research for Professor Susan Estrich
about Title IX and it's adverse impact on men's collegiate sports. I
would greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute to furnish me
with some information or leads about information.

Could you please tell how your school has dealt with and plans to deal
with Title IX compliance requirements.

Has your school cut, demoted from varsity status, threatened to cut,
considered cutting any mens sports teams in the 1990's? If so, which
ones and why?

Has your school cut mens sports' scholarships?

Has your school been forced turned to private funding to save any mens
sports teams from being cut, demoted or have funding reduced?

Do you know of any schools in your region, conference or division that
have reduced their mens sports programs? If so, which schools?

Do you know of any statistics available on this subject and where I
might find them?

If there is any other information you know of or people you recommend I
contact, please let me know. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Sean Besser
(310) 523-4039
fax: (213) 481-1554

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A junior partner in a law firm was sent to a far away country to represent a long-term client accused of robbery. After days of trial, the case was won, the client acquitted and released. Excited about his success, the attorney wired the firm, "Justice prevailed." The senior partner replied in haste, "Appeal immediately."

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