Texas a&m bonfire controversy

11/19/97 3:21pm

It is true that the 5th Circuit Court has ruled regarding peer sexual harassment
cases. One of their rulings on a case has been granted cert by the US Supreme
Court. That case involves Title VII, but sets the scene for a decision
regarding peer sexual harassment issues. In the meantime, the March 13, 1997
Federal Register Office for Civil Rights Sexual Harassment Guidelines specifies
that OCR will handle complaints governed by the Fifth Circuit Court on a case-
by-case basis. In addition, a case for a 14th Amendment Equal Protection
violation (under thye US Constitution) might be made- which was the way the
first of these types of filings were made before Title IX and Title VII. In
addition, A&M receives federal funds from a variety of DOD sources as well as
from the US Dept/Agriculture. I mention this because different prohibitions may
be present from each granting source regarding discrimination- and the U.S.
Dept/Labor may be involved as well through its office of grants and contracts.
Just some thougts.....

Peggy Weeks

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