Re: WEEA Grants

Jane E Sheeran (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 10:25:04 -0500

If Congress's restriction of WEEA funds was a surprise to you, please tie
into an organization that monitors and reports on legislation that is
detrimental the advancement of educational and social equity. AAUW is
such an organization.(They also have several grant programs) Visit for information on the organization and its mission,etc.

Meanwhile take a moment to call your Senators and Representative and let
them know that equity has not been achieved and continued funding is

Jane Sheeran
NYS AAUW Director Ed/Equity

On November 19, 1997 writes:
>The Department of Education cancelled the grant competition because
>Congress restricted the WEEA funds appropriated in the new budget. These funds
>are to go to support existing WEEA grants and the WEEA Equity Resource Center.
>Susan J. Smith

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