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Good morning, Edequity members!

Can you help with this request for information from a WISENET member?

Anne McAuliffe
Subject: help--disability
From: Women In Science and Engineering NETwork <WISENET@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>
at Internet
Date: 11/22/97 11:25

hi all. i am so glad wisenet is alive again! i missed it when all
that "live nude" crap was clogging things up.
i am trying to get a disability accomodation from my college,
by taking a 1/6 reduction in course load (one class/year)
and asking for other duties. Has anyone sucessfully
negotiated a load reduction/job change like this?
did you keep tenure?
please email me! help! i am not having as much luck
as i had hoped convincing them that epilepsy is a
major life-limiting disability (although ADA does
specifically cover it.)

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