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I have passed the message on to our Employee Services which is part of
Disability Services here at the University of Minnesota. They work to assist
employees with disabilities with this very type of issue. I have asked that they
respond directly to Gwen Pearson. Hope some information comes through!

Pam Stenhjem

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> Subject: help--disability
> From: Women In Science and Engineering NETwork <WISENET@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU>
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> Date: 11/22/97 11:25
> hi all. i am so glad wisenet is alive again! i missed it when all
> that "live nude" crap was clogging things up.
> i am trying to get a disability accomodation from my college,
> by taking a 1/6 reduction in course load (one class/year)
> and asking for other duties. Has anyone sucessfully
> negotiated a load reduction/job change like this?
> did you keep tenure?
> please email me! help! i am not having as much luck
> as i had hoped convincing them that epilepsy is a
> major life-limiting disability (although ADA does
> specifically cover it.)
> thanks
> gwen
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