OERI Visiting Scholars Fellowship Program

Irene Harwarth (Irene_Harwarth@ed.gov)
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 13:34:48 -0500

Visiting Scholars Program Applications Available

The Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) is the
office of the U.S. Department of Education that provides national
leadership for educational research and statistics. The office funds
education research, demonstration, and school improvement programs;
collects and analyzes statistics; reports on the condition of
education and disseminates information about education programs.

OERI is pleased to announce the OERI Visiting Scholars Program. The
Visiting Scholars Program seeks Fellows to assume a 9 to 18-month
residency in Washington, D.C. at each of OERI's five National Research

The National Institute on Student Achievement, Curriculum and
The National Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students
The National Institute on Educational Governance, Finance,
Policy-Making, and Management
The National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education
The National Institute on Postsecondary Education, Libraries, and
Lifelong Learning

On behalf of OERI, the National Research Council (NRC) will conduct a
national competition to award fellowships for each of the five
institutes to scholars, researchers, policymakers, education
practitioners, librarians, or statisticians who are engaged in the
use, collection, and dissemination of information about education and
educational research. Application forms must be mailed to the NRC's
Fellowship Office in an envelope postmarked no later than January 5,
1998. The awards will be made in April 1998 to those individuals who
show the greatest promise for contributing to the designated institute
and future achievement in educational research. Fellows can begin
their residency at OERI as early as June 1998 or as late as January

Application forms are available on line at http://fellowships.nas.edu
or for more information please contact:

Fellowship Office
National Research Council
2101 Constitution Avenue
Washington, DC 20418
Phone number: (202)334-2872
Fax number: (202)334-3419

Irene Harwarth is the OERI coordinator for the program. She can be
reached at (202)219-1756.

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