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Subject: Re: What' s included in Title 9 ?
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> Well, here is an example of sexism in schools:
> Girls were not allowed to take shop, only home economics, sewing and
> cooking. In 1975 I was one of the first girls in my school to take
> wood shop and lawn mower repair. Maybe that's an example of title 9, I
> don't know.

Actually, I had requested to take shop when I was in high school and was
refused (pre-1970).

I collect old books of various sorts and last night I dragged out an old
Girl Scout Handbook dated 1932 (reprint of the 1920 edition). It could
have been written in 1997 as there were no sexist assumptions about what
a girl is or is not capable of doing. The suggested reading list at the
end bore this out. There was an appreciable reference to science books
as well as nature books. And classics from Call of the Wild to Robinson

On the other hand an early womens school chemistry book contained the
basics of general, physical and organic chemistry, all of which were
applied to the smooth running of a household!

Rosemarie Szostak, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
Clark Atlanta University
(on assignment with the Army Environmental Policy Institute)

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