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It is interesting to hear your stories of lack of access to areas of
interest. I still repeat my story of being refused the opportunity to
take science in 9th grade (post-Sputnik but just barely) and having to
take home ec because I am a girl. I often lament that loss of
opportunity, but as I distance myself from it, I think it had a
positive impact on my life. I went on to get a science degree and one
of the internal motivations was to "show them I can." Of course I
loved it, too.

Thus, my focus since the early 60's has been to include and
incorporate women and gender issues into everything I taught. This was
really tough in the late 60's, early 70's when the resources were
slim. It is gratifying that at least we are beginning to have some
outstanding resources that can be used with all of our students today.

(Thanks, now I know why I loved Girl Scouts!)

Marty Henry, Ed. D.
High Plains Consortium for Mathematics and Science at McREL

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Subject: FWD: Re: What' s included in Title 9 ?
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> Well, here is an example of sexism in schools:
> Girls were not allowed to take shop, only home economics, sewing and
> cooking. In 1975 I was one of the first girls in my school to take
> wood shop and lawn mower repair. Maybe that's an example of title 9, I
> don't know.


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