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THe 10 Eisenhower National Consortia for Mathematics and Science have
joined to form a National Equity Task Force that focuses on issues of
equity. If you want individual addresses, you can contact me at the
email address below. In addition, an equity CD-ROM to be used as a
resource for schools, communities, and teachers is due to be released
in February 1998 from the Eisenhower National Clearninghouse.

Marty Henry

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Subject: query about gender equity organizations
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Date: 12/7/97 9:26 AM

I want to cite state and national organizations involved with gender equity
concerns in the last chapter of my dissertation making recommendations for
where to send teachers and teacher educators who would like information.
Who and what comes to mind? Thanks for your help. Of course AAUW. What
and who after that? Does every state have a position of gender equity in
the state education departments? Who and what in our national dept. of
education can be cited?

Susan L. Schlechter

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