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In response to Susan's question...

Yes, there are hundreds of state and national organizations involved with gender
equity...some like the National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education and the
National Coalition for Women and Girls Education are voluntary groups that have
played instrumental roles in ensuring educational equity. NCSEE represents Title
IX coordinators and others concerned with improving gender equitable education.

NCSEE has a task force on male issues that could be very helpful as well. More
information on NCSEE cana be obtained from business manager, Teddy Martin, One
Redwood Drive, Clinton, NJ 08809 908-735-5045. The former chair of the
Coalition is Verna Williams of the National Women's Law Center (another key
group) For infor on both groups contact Verna at the National Women's Law
Center, 11 Dupont Circle, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036. 202-588-5180.

Our center has been a national resource and technical assistance center for
gender equity for over 20 years. In addition to our catalog of resources, we
help with referrals, provide information for conferences, and help individuals
with gender equity questions. Our web site has a lot of useful information for
you, including names of individuals within state departments of education who
are charged with Title IX responsibilities (also remember that if there is no
one named, it is the responsibility of the supt.). You might check out our
website <> for more information about us and links to
many resource organizations. The DACs (desegregation assistance centers) for
each region are a helpful resource for gender equity as well--providing direct
technical assistance and resources for schools. These are listed on our web
too. Also the NEA and AFT, as well as AACTE (American Association of Colleges
of Teacher Education) have equity components--AACTE's task force on gender is
chaired by Jill Tarule, chair of the ed dept at the University of Vermont. She
might have a good resource base for you.

These are only a few of the many resource organizations and groups...I hope
others on EdEquity introduce themselves and their work here... in that way we'd
all compile a great list of resources. Thanks for the query.
Katherine Hanson, director
WEEA Equity REsource Center at EDC
55 chapel street, newton, ma 02158

I want to cite state and national organizations involved with gender equity
concerns in the last chapter of my dissertation making recommendations for
where to send teachers and teacher educators who would like information.
Who and what comes to mind? Thanks for your help. Of course AAUW. What
and who after that? Does every state have a position of gender equity in
the state education departments? Who and what in our national dept. of
education can be cited?

Susan L. Schlechter

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