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Kay Gilliland - We had that same kindergarten first grade "workbook"
and I had it pulled also in Eugene, Oregon, Public Schools where I
worked in Research, Development and Evaluation under Larry Barber and
Superintendent Tom Payzant. It had children draw the iron to mom as a
picture of a woman's tool, etc.

Sue Sattel

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Subject: Re: FW: Examples of Sexism
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Date: 12/10/97 11:52 AM

In 1978, first grade teachers in my district were still using a workbook that
had a page on the work men do and a page on the work women do. If the child
drew a line from the picture of the man to the stove or from the picture of
the woman to the lawnmower, the paper was marked incorrect. (The fact that
there was hardly a single lawn in the industrial district where I worked was
another equity issue.)

Kay Gilliland

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