Kay Gilliland re: FWD Girl Scouts

GillilandK (GillilandK@aol.com)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:32:55 EST

Hi Anne and EdEquity: In a message dated 12/5/97 7:53:08 PM, you wrote:
<<I regarded magazine articles about appearance (makeup, hairstyles, etc.) to
be obsessive, boring,and shallow. I wanted to DO SOMETHING ELSE. To explore
the world, to learn...>> How true!! That is exactly what I felt and I wanted
nothing to do with hopscotch games that depended on knowing the names of movie
stars or clubs that got all dressed up for nothing. Further, I had plenty of
friends who felt the same way. Doing well in school was important, nature and
the environment were important, hiking and camping were important. However,
there were plenty of other girls out there who valued different things. I
imagine we have to make places for everybody so they get some of both and are
free to enter the discussion groups that interest them. Then we have to make
sure there is balance in what is offered to those groups. As an adult I have
to admit grudgingly that how you look does influence your life. Making some
effort in that direction might have been a good idea.

Kay Gilliland

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