Kay Gilliland re: request for info by Schichor

GillilandK (GillilandK@aol.com)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:32:59 EST

I agree concerning the advantages of diversity in our classrooms. I would add
that economic diversity is probably the one we are most unlikely to support,
yet it is crucial and must be included. The class of schools that is most
unlikely to exhibit diversity is the private school, yet more and more parents
are choosing this avenue. Often, when I observe a private school I find they
are everything I would want a school to be except diverse. Some are diverse
in every way but economic. How can we make our public schools as inviting as
private schools and keep (and further develop) the diversity of public
schools? It is money, no question, but it is also more than money. We have a
long way to go.

Kay Gilliland

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