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Darcy Lees (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:31:52 -0800

National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education, PO Box 534, Annadale, NJ

Each state is to name a Title IX coordinator. Check with the US
Department of Education.

The new equity specialist at the US Department of Ed. is Theda Zawaiza,
US Dept. of Ed., Office of Deputy Secretary, 600 Independence Ave., WA
DC 20202

Darcy Lees

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> Subject: query about gender equity organizations
> I want to cite state and national organizations involved with gender
> equity
> concerns in the last chapter of my dissertation making recommendations
> for
> where to send teachers and teacher educators who would like
> information.
> Who and what comes to mind? Thanks for your help. Of course AAUW.
> What
> and who after that? Does every state have a position of gender equity
> in
> the state education departments? Who and what in our national dept. of
> education can be cited?
> Susan L. Schlechter
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