Re: Pay equity speaker
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:40:51 +0100

I would recommend Joline Godfrey with An Income of Her Own. - recently
changed its name to An Independent Means. Joline wrote "no more frogs to
kiss" and is great with girls. Her emphasis is economic independence.

you can reach her at 805-646-1215. If unavailable she has two women in
boston who are great but that I cannot refer without Joline's OK.

Judi Bell


Hi all. The Women's Bureau in Boston is planning a PayEquity and Pension
Equity Conference in April. I am looking for a motivational speaker
who would attract a young audience of women aged 16-21.

Any thoughts?

Angela M. Rizzolo
Program Specialist
Angela M. Rizzolo

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