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This teleconference is scheduled for February 23,1998 from 1:45-3:45
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Subject: National Girls and Women in Sports Month

Is February!!!
The University of Vermont is sponsoring a NATIONAL tele-conference on
Title IX and Athletics.
The title is " How to Bring Equity to Women's College Athletics"

It's an educational program with dynamic panelists to answer questions
from around the country via satellite.

These panelists include:

Janet Justice, Director of Educational Outreach, NCAA
Mary Francis O'Shea, the Office of Civil Rights
Donna Lopiano, Director, Women's Sports Foundation
Deborah Brake, Senior Counsel, National Women's Law Center
Gail Smith, Assistant Athletic Director, Middlebury College

As well as area coaches and athletes!

We all know that this is an important topic for women on college campuses.
This conference is an attempt to educate and show all administrators and
athletic directors that the University can ONLY GAIN by bringing equity to

In order to view the conference, your college or University must be able
to hook up via satellite. There is a cost to bring the Conference to your
campus, so please check with your administrative offices and staff
training/development offices to purchase the air time. The cost is $445,
if your school registers before Jan.15 and $495 after that.

We want to educate those who ignore Title IX and attack women for "ruining
their (men's) sports and money making machines.

We hope you can join us! See you then.

UVM Women's Center

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