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SheraKafka (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 17:54:20 EST

My name is Jordana and I just wanted to introduce myself as a new subscriber
to this forum. I am hoping that I can get some more help as well as take part
in some very interesting commersations. I am a high school student, but,
please, understand that this does not mean that I am not well versed in the
area of gender equality. Over the last two years, I have literally read every
book that I can find on gender equality in education/for education, especially
in the area of science. But, more importantly, I have been working to make
gender equality part of my everyday life. You see, the science department at
my school is sexist, very sexist. Alot of teachers agree with me, but they
have told me secretly, afraid to do anything themselves. (Kind of sad). I have
talked to the principals alot about it as well as the teachers themselves, but
things havent gotten much better. Some of the myths have been dispelled and
we now have twice as many female science teachers, but except for a few others
things that I cant mention, that's about it. My science teacher still spends
the whole time staring at the body of the best student in his class (me). The
nature of the kind of things that these teachers do is what makes it so
difficult to stop. Its not as if I live in some traditional rural school
district in the middle of nowhere, I live in one of the top school districts
in the nation. And, its not as if I have been recieved poorly. I am actually
very respected and admired, if not for this but for alot of things I do in
other areas. The question is, how do I make things change? If anyone has any
ideas for programs, etc. or any other info. on gender equality for adolescent
please email me at I hope to have some interested
commersations. Thanks


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