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Cheryl McLaughlin (mclaughl@cats1.admin.pps.pgh.pa.us)
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 16:20:12 -0500 (EST)

> other areas. The question is, how do I make things change? If anyone has any
> ideas for programs, etc. or any other info. on gender equality for adolescent

do you know about the free h.s. program offered to your school from the
SOuthern Poverty Law Center? I could get you the mailing address from
work on MOn. or Tues. and send it to you. BUT it must be requested by a
school staff person, on official school stationery.

Honey, as the mother of daughters, 15 and 21, who have both experienced
the same type of experiences you speak of, I can sympathize, and as a
school counselor, I would ask you if you have attempted to report to
anyone the teacher's behavior? Your school should have a written policy
not just aobut harassment but also about human relations, and that policy
should include information about ways to report and confront that type of
It isn't easy, I know -- we filed a claim with O.C.R. charging hostile
environment, and OCR sided with the univ., but we DO believe that what we
did made some subtle differences for our daughter.
take care, and keep the faith -- and the fight, if that is what it takes.

Happy Holiday season --
It is a fine seasoning for joy -- to think of those we love. -- Moliere
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