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Working together to create school-to-work options and activities that tru=
ly =

include and benefit all learners is the key to every locked door we face =
in =

creating successful school-to-work systems. Not only do learners benefit=

tremendously from having access to a wide variety of options, but all of =
us as =

partners, benefit by learning from one another and by sharing ideas, mode=
ls, and

The purpose of the All Means All School-to-Work Project is to recognize a=
nd =

celebrate the efforts of local school-to-work partners who are committed =
to =

doing "whatever it takes" to ensure access and benefit by all learners, o=
n an =

individual basis, within their local school-to-work system. =

The project has developed an award nomination process which is the first =
of itOs
kind in the nation. The award recognizes and celebrates the efforts of th=
ose =

doing Owhatever it takesO to ensure access and benefit by all learners in=
their =

school-to-work opportunities and activities. The award process results in=
sites =

becoming the recipient of the All Means All School-to-Work Award and rece=
ipt of =

a GREAT award package! =

The ultimate goal is to find those who are working to include all learner=
s in =

school-to-work and then share their strategies with others across the cou=
ntry to
help others doing the same thing. =

Four award nomination deadlines have been scheduled:

=A5 November 28, 1997
=A5 April 1, 1998
=A5 October 31, 1998
=A5 April 1, 1999

We encourage anyone interested in either nominating a strategy they are u=
sing or
one being used by someone else to include all learners in school-to-work =

activities, to request award nomination information! Even if you are jus=
t =

beginning, have a strategy you are attempting to implement, or aren't sur=
e if =

you would qualify, you CAN nominate. Just contact Pam Stenhjem, Project =

Coordinator, with questions and assistance - you might be surprised how e=
asy it =

is to participate!

The All Means All School-to-Work Project is sponsored by a collaborative,=

national, 3 year grant project through the Institute on Community Integra=
tion at
the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Children, Fam=
ilies, =

& Learning. =

The All Means All School-to-Work Project has developed numerous products,=
most =

of which are free or minimal cost. They include:

=A5 Project Brochure: basic information on the project (FREE)
=A5 Award Nomination Packet: everything you need to nominate your schoo=
l, =

business, or organization for the All Means All STW Award! (FREE)
=A5 All Means All School-to-Work Checklist Poster: a poster listing gui=
delines =

for including all learners in school-to-work systems and activities (1st =
copy =

FREE; additional copies $2 each; guidelines can also be viewed on our web=
=A5 All Means All School-to-Work Website: an award winning website whic=
h =

=A5 A Welcome Page
=A5 An Overview of the Project
=A5 Award Nomination Forms
=A5 A listing of our Advisory Panel members
=A5 A Parent Connection Page (developed by a parent for other paren=
=A5 A Local STW Partnership Network Page
=A5 A Students Only Page (developed bys students for students)
=A5 A Link Up Page (many links to national and related sites)
=A5 Student, parent and partnership pages also contain many links r=
to those audiences.
=A5 A STW Checklist Poster page
=A5 Tell Us What You Want Page (you can order materials, evaluate t=
he =

website, and get a FREE All Means All button!)
=A5 A STW Wizards Question and Strategy Page: this page is an exce=
forum for asking any kind of question about STW. Our resident ST=
W =

Wizards will try to come up with common sense ideas, strategies, =
and =

suggestions to answer your questions. STW Wizards include studen=
parents, educators, post-secondary providers, national STW provid=
and more! =

(Relevant questions posted on these listservs are many times re-submitted=
to our
STW Wizards for additional ideas and responses. They are then posted on o=
ur =

website for public viewing).

The Website is a great resource for anyone involved in school-to-work =

activities. We encourage you to access the page and submit questions you=
might =

have regarding school-to-work and involving all learners. =

The website can be access the website at

NEWSLETTER: The All Means All Project is currently working on a 4 page =

newsletter which will include ideas and strategies for including all lear=
ners in
school-to-work activities within a variety of areas. The newsletter will =
be =

scheduled for publishing within the next 3 months! It will be available =
on the =

website and can be sent to you via email as well.

ROLODEX CARD: a rolodex card with all information for the project is cur=
rently =

being developed for distribution within the next several months.

For more information on the All Means All School-to-Work Project, contact=
Pam =

Stenhjem, Project Coordinator, at (612) 625-3863, email: huntx010@umn.ed=
u, or =

through the project website Tell Us What You Want Page at =


Pam Stenhjem, Project Coordinator

All Means All School-to-Work Project &
Transition Assistance Project
104 Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55124

phone: 612/625-3863 =


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