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I have an indirect source of advice about prearing students for
off-campus co-op and internship opportunities. There is a statewide
initiative in New York State called C-STEP -- Collegiate Science and
Technology Entry Program -- which is funded by the NY state education
department. The funded local C-STEP organizations are higher ed
institutions that seek to help underrepresented and economically
disadvantaged students enter into and succeed in undergraduate, graduate
and professional education which prepares them for careers in math,
science and engineering related occupations. The C-STEP programs offer
academinc enrichment, financial couseling, internships and other supports,
and could offer some valuable guidance. For more information, you might
want to contact Ms. Yvonne Lovell, Chief of the Bureau of Professional and
Career Opportunity Programs at the NY State Education Dept, at

Bob McLaughlin

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> Subject: Orientation for coop/internship
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> I am looking for information from anyone who offers an orientation program
> for students who are preparing to participate in a coop or internship
> off-campus. Our female engineering students have told the work setting was
> a shock, and have asked for soem type of orientation.
> Beverly Marshall-Goodell
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