Human Rights Charters

Linda Pearo (
Wed, 07 Jan 1998 19:43:41 -0400


I am a teacher in Swanton, Vermont. I am currently involved with a
community group made up of parents, students, administrators, teachers,
guidance counselors, clergy, some church and other community members,
some of whom represent racial and cultural minorities in the community.
We have come together for several reasons, the most critical being an
emergent (continuing is perhaps a better word) climate of insensitivity,
intolerance, and harassment. My role is to investigate and help the group
draft an anti-racism, anti-discrimination community "charter" that we
can present to the community and to the town's board of selectmen at
some point.

I am interested in any help from people who have done this in their
communities or from people who can direct me to similar existing

Thank you,
Linda Pearo

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