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Thu, 8 Jan 1998 09:03:59 +0000

Dear folks,

I am writing from Women, Ink., a not-for-profit distributor of
books on women and development. We currently have a small number of
titles in the area of gender equity in education, such as 'Action
Guide for Girls' Education' and 'Choose a Future'. I would be happy
to send our free catalogue to anyone who is interested (send your
full mailing address) and would also like to hear of any new
materials that we could include in our 1998 collection (our focus is
on the Global South).

Best wishes,


Tina Johnson
Assistant Manager
Women, Ink.
777 UN Plaza
NY, NY 10017
tel: (212) 687-8633 x212
fax: (212) 661-2704

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