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Mon, 12 Jan 1998 20:55:38 -0800

What we need is strategy for getting Title IX finally enforced,
beginning in kindergarten.
There has been a long and honorable push to have it enforced at the
college level, led by Bernice Sandler and others, but it has not
effectivly transformed high school and elementary school.
And considering that the first years of primary school are perhaps the
most formative of all, that is where we should be looking. Granted,
children's rights are thin (see DeShaney vs. Winnebago, WI), and
parents' rights are often devoured by the right wing.
But the Women's Sports Foundation is doing a very good job of improving
Title IX compliance in sports at the lower levels, as well as an
excellent job of providing information to the public, spearheading
legislative defense, and watching and guiding the elaboration of Title
IX case law.
We need to bring that kind of attention into the schools from the
outside--that is, where it is not subject to the conflict of interests
that overtake it within the schools.
We need grassroots attention to Title IX if we are ever going to get it
enforced, let alone within our lifetimes. People within the schools who
are seeking to make a difference should always be looking for the
community, grassroots activist arena in which to jump out of the
isolation built up around children in the schools.
Hey, one is coming up! Women's History Month is a great time to provide
"Living History" units, showing girls how to make leaflets, stick them
up with evaporated milk, develop petitions, protest inequities, write
letters to the editor, get on TV, make a demonstration at the school
board, leaflet the town with information about local violations of Title
IX, put up Web pages with their opinions, post the information showing
links between domestic violence murders and the history of sexual
harassment and sexual assault in the schools...Let's go for it!
Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates (TIXA)

Barbara J Tavares wrote:
> I find this discussion very illuminating, and it raises a question for me
> on affirmative action and various recruitment and retions efforts
> targeting under represented groups.

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