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>Does anyone have a list of things to look for in judging the compliance
>with Title IX of schools/districts in supporting teens who have been
>raped, had an abortion, become pregnant, and/or become mothers? Title IX
>is intended to support such teens in getting an education, making sure
>that they are not shoved out of the mainstream.
> Thank you in advance for sending on such a list!
> Linda Purrington
>as a general rule, i would recommend contacting your regional dac
(desegregation assistance centre) to ask for assistance for any issues under
title IX. does the weea have a list of the dacs posted on their web site?
if not, it would be a good idea to do so. i would be happy to provide
addresses, telephones etc.

marylin a. hulme, equity assistance center for region B

Administrator's Note: The Title IX section of the WEEA web site <
WomensEquity> has equity contacts including a complete listing of the DACs,
Comprehensive Assistance Centers, and names and phone numbers of the state Title
IX and Title IV contacts (where available) as well as the state superintendents
of education and the state vocational equity contacts. There also are links to
the web sites of the DACs, Comprehensive Centers, the U.S. Dept. of Education's
Office for Civil Rights, and national resource organizations.

Susan J. Smith

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