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>Subject: Community Leadership Program
>Science Is For Everyone!
>Bring excitement, fun and science to your community through a partnership
>with Pacific Science Center.
>Community Leadership is dedicated to bringing quality science education to
>underrepresented youth populations by training and empowering a
>selfsufficient cadre of science education advocates in community based
>What is the Science Education Community Leadership program?
> It is a 112hour workshop of learning, experiencing, exploring and
> bringing informal science education to your community center. Work with
> Pacific Science Center to bring science education to the children at
> your center.
>During the workshop you will:
> -gain hands-on science education skills
> -learn how to present informal science activities
> -become comfortable and confident in coaching science
> -become part of a network of communities coaching science
>Community centers will benefit from this program by:
> gaining a staff member who will be trained to provide fun, relevant,
> engaging and effective science activities.
>Pacific Science Center will benefit from this program by:
> forming an alliance with communitybased organizations to bring science
> education to youth who may not have an opportunity to visit Pacific
> Science Center on a regular basis.
>The ideal participant will:
> -work with youth two or more times per week
> -have worked with kids for two or more years
> -be motivated and enthusiastic about teaching science
> -No science background is necessary.
>The ideal communitybased organization will:
> -serve underrepresented populations
> -be prepared to provide support, time and space to allow participants to
> continue sharing science activities after the workshop is concluded
> -provide opportunities for associates to share knowledge learned from the
> Community Leadership program with their coworkers have existing
> education programs for youth
>How to participate:
> Costs and commitment
> Funding for this program is provided by the National Science Foundation
> and Pacific Science Center. There is no fee for this training program,
> and Pacific Science Center will reimburse community agencies for
> participants time at the training session. Community agencies will be
> expected to support their participating staff both during and after the
> workshop to allow continued sharing of science activities.
>How to apply:
> To receive an application for this program please contact:
>Len Adams
>Community Leadership Supervisor
>Pacific Science Center
>200 Second Avenue North
>Seattle, WA 98109

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