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We have a working paper on gender and technology that might be of interest. In
it, we explore in what ways we may create technology with unconscious gender
biased messages that technology is a "male" arena. We try to point out that
gender applies to both females and males, and that gender inequity is
detrimental to the learning of all students. We also look at the messages
students receive about their roles as adults, as members of society, or as
workers from the existing technology--such as computer games. Finally we look
at the implications of gender socialization on technology education. We have a
number of suggestions for schools and a good reference list. The working paper,
"Gender, Discourse, and Technology,"(#2759) can be ordered for for $4.00 plus
$5.95 S&H from our order department. Call 800-793-5076 (outside N. America: 412-
741-1968) or e-mail

You can check out our web site <> for more information
and links to others doing this work. Also, I'd highly recommend the work of
Sherry Turkle...I think her books are readily available through most book
stores. Another resouce you might check is the Eisenhower Clearinghouse or Ask
ERIC, both of which have web sites. We'd also like to hear about what is
happening around this issue in British Columbia.

Katherine Hanson
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Subject: RE: gender issues in technology education
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The Northwest Educational Technology Center has an equity in technology
web site that deals with the issue in a broad manner. The URL is

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Subject: gender issues in technology education

Is anyone aware of articles/websites/individuals that are dealing with
gender issues as they apply to technical education, particularly distance
learning and/or the use/introduction of information technology in the
classroom, and/or the use of instructional technology for technical
education in a distance setting? Both Primary/Secondary and

Marcia Braundy
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