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Most Americans Still Support Roe vs Wade

WESTPORT, Jan 21 (Reuters) - Results of the latest Harris Poll
on attitudes toward abortion 25 years after the Roe vs Wade
decision paint a picture of a public "...divided and sometimes
conflicted," according to a press release from Louis Harris and
Associates of New York.

Among 1,000 adults surveyed by telephone in January on their
attitudes regarding the 1973 decision in Roe vs Wade, a
modest majority (57%) said they continue to support the Supreme
Court's decision; 41% said they oppose the decision, and
2% are not sure.

The latest poll also shows that 23% of adults believe that women
should be allowed to have an abortion "in all circumstances,"
while 17% felt that under "no circumstance" should abortion be
permitted. The majority--58%--felt that abortion should be
allowed under "some circumstances."

While 53% of those polled said they were pro-choice, 40% said
it should be made "more difficult to get an abortion." Most of
those surveyed also felt that abortion should not be legal after
the first trimester.

-Westport Newsroom 203 319 2700

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