International Initiatives

Susan J. Smith (
January 28, 1998

Hello everyone,

I am doing research and would like to find out about current major international
initiatives addressing gender equity in education. I am focusing on initiatives
in the formal education system to improve the basic education of women and
girls. I am also looking for model programs in the following countries: U.K.,
Ireland, Portugal, Israel, Jordan, Syria, South Africa, Costa Rica, Argentina,
Australia, Indonesia, India, China and the West Indies.

I'm just beginning this research and would greatly appreciate your help,
particularly with leads to other sources of info. (I already have the Agency
for International Development (AID) and the National Tribune Center (the
archives of the Beijing conference) on my list. Please e-mail me at

Thanks so much.


Susan J. Smith
EdEquity Administrator
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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