International Initiatives
February 4, 1998


Thanks so much for your prompt and informative responses. FYI--here are the
messages that came to me at <>. Those that came to the EDEQUITY
address will be forwarded to the list individually later today. I think I have
enough info to make a tremendous beginning on the subject.

Again, many thanks.


Susan J. Smith

Dear Susan: Read your post to edequity with interest. I teach in Toronto at
> a "woman-centred" school where we are trying to implement the research on the
> way girls/young women learn best. If you want to know more, perhaps I can
> send some of our materials.
> I suspect you want more mainstream research materials, however. Can I suggest
> that you get in touch with Dr. Neera Sohoni at Standford who has published in
> this field and produced a terrific handbook which she distributed at Beijing
> with initiatives for self-help groups in improving girls' education. Met her
> here at pre-beijing conference at York Univ. Her book is THE BURDEN OF
> GIRLHOOD, published 1995 by Third Party Publishing. I can't lay my hands on
> her e-mail at this moment, but suspect you might be able to reach her through
> the publisher at P. O. Box 13306, Montclair Station, Oakland, CA 94661-0306,
> fax: 510-339-6729.
> I returned last week from a short stint teaching Canadian Studies in India at
> the M. S. University of Baroda. There I met lots of academics from all over
> India and one of our sessions was on women's issues. Naturally, education was
> discussed. I heard that in one state in India, Himachal Pradesh, fees for
> girls' education have simply been waived for the duration. There has been a
> phenomenal improvement in the ratio of girls to boys in school. Dr. Charu
> Sharma could tell you more. She is Lecturer, Dept. of English, Govt.
> Postgraduate College, Kullu 175101 Himachal Pradesh, India.
> Someone else who is quite knowledgeable is Dr. Sushma Mehr from University of
> Delhi, Dept. of Continuing Education. Sorry I don't have more of an address.
> In Ireland, where I taught a postgrad course on Gender, Self and Schooling
> last winter at University College Dublin, you need to be in touch with the
> Women's Education, Research and Resource Centre, University College Dublin,
Arts Building, Belfield, Dublin 4. Head is Ailbhe Smyth who knows EVERYTHING
about women's issues in Ireland. Irish Women's Studies has a good e-mail list
where you could also inquire. Subscribe the usual way to and subscribe to irwmst-l
> Hope this helps. Best, Mary Ann Duffy in Toronto


Susan-- Try contacting CEDPA (Centre for Development and Population
Activities) and AED (Academy for Educational Development), both in
Washington, DC. Both have webpages ( and
Then there's UNICEF, Plan International, Catholic Relief Serices,
among others that do work in the field. Sorry don't have more info,
but that should at least nudge you in the right direction. Good
luck!-- Andrea K. Freeman


>SUSAN, I SUGGEST THAT YOU CONTACT Susan Bailey, Jane Schubert and Karen
Mulhouser as well as Carolyn Winter from World Bank and Gloria Bonder in

I have cc'd your note to them so you should see their e-mail addresses.
Hope this helps.

Sue Klein


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