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Subject: changing stereotypes by teaching statistics
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I am looking for an article that was written by a teacher of an intro
stats course. I am hoping that someone on this list may know where it
appears, and could provide the reference.

The teacher taught two sections of the same intro stats course during the
same term. In one section, he used only gender-stereotypical pronouns in
the examples and problems. In the other section, he reversed all of the
genders in the examples and the problems. In both sections, he gave gender
stereotype tests at the beginning and end of the school term. As an ironic
twist, he had his students analyze the data from these. Their conclusion
was that a teacher could significantly influence students'

I am teaching a course on women in science, and would like to have my
students read the original article. I believe the article appeared (in a
women's studies journal?) between September 1994 and May 1995, although it
may have appeared earlier. Any leads appreciated!


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