Women's History Month Calendar

Melissa Ponder (mponder@edcc.edu)
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 09:33:25

Forwarded by Melissa Ponder <mponder@edcc.edu>
> Date: 02/03/1998 04:03 pm (Tuesday)
> From: Paula Harris-White (Paula Harris-White)
> Subject: Women's History Month Calendar
>SOCR. will be doing a Women's History Month
>Calendar of Events in Seattle for March. I will be
>pulling the calendar together, and it will be
>disseminated to organizations, groups, agencies,
>etc., city wide.
>If you know of an event that should be included
>on this list, please e-mail it to me as soon as
>possible. The deadline for submission is
>February 20, 1998, because we want to have the
>list in the mail by the end of February. The event
>should celebrate or concern women's
>rights/achievements issues.
>Please feel free to share this information with
>others on your e-mailing lists.
>Thank you!

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