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Hi everyone!

My name is Pam Stenhjem and I coordinate a project here at the University=
of =

Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration called the *All Means All =

School-to-Work Project*. We have a website with a question and answer pa=
ge =

called School-to-Work (STW) Wizards. Anyone can access the site, ask a q=
about STW, and then we send it out to our resident STW Wizards to see if =
they =

can come up with some practical, common sense solutions to the questions.=
We =

then post the answers on our website within a few weeks. The website add=
ress is if you are interested in looking at the site or=

previous questions asked.

We have received two questions just recently that I would really like to =
additional feedback on. If anyone out there has ideas, strategies, or wa=
ys to =

address these questions, I would really appreciate some help. I will pos=
t them =


Thanks much (in advance) for any assistance you can provide!

Question 1

Is there is a working program with juveniles on probation, working with c=
ourt =

counselors who have school-to-work activities included in their probation=

Question 2 (several questions sent at once)

=A5 How can a Dept such as Office of Public Instruction promote School t=
o work?

=A5 Are there some creative ways to support vocational student organizat=
ions =

within limited fiscal and time constraints?

=A5 How does an agency provide assistance to school districts in modelin=
g ways to
work together and share resources to promote school improvement?

Pam Stenhjem, Project Coordinator

All Means All School-to-Work Project &
Transition Assistance Project
104 Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55124

phone: 612/625-3863 =


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